scrawled exponential



with the first conversation

and thus founded by the first words


between two or more

lesser great apes,

ending perhaps

as early as tomorrow

or twenty eight days later,


as cognitive culture

created the space for


and its misses


imagine how skilled at listening

were those early gossipers

taking no grunt for granted

not distracted by a thousand

names in their head

nor disillusioned by tropes

nor fooled by the belches

of a politician,

there was a message to experience

and with the right patience and


a deep understanding would unfold,

a miracle


sharing experience through noise

through full-body gestures

and an eye’s contact

soon we primates were a more powerful

collective soul than we could express

without violence

so we opted for that sort of thing

banding together

pretending that the strength of our connection

with an isolated group of hairless monkeys

was somehow more holy

than that with any other

and faction after faction

after fissure

after valley after peak

in the cultural cartography

of the wise-and-two-legged


scrawled exponential

on the map

of the universe

which we now ignore


insulated now


the reality of other’s

by this same

liberating capacity

which brought us connection

on a wholly-[un]holy level

we sure have come a long way

so far a way

from those fledgling conversations

we may have forever lost

the ability to use the


as the gift it

really is


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