Women’s March (it’s January)

left, right, left, right, left, right,

center. centered.


wishing we could dole out punishment

to not-our-president

lock him in a tower

and call him a princess

just to hear his blood boil

or see him finally let down his hair


left, right, left, right, left, right,

i was born in march

left, right, left, right,

left of center

decidedly moderate


pass the spiritual digestif

chase the feeling

left, right, left, right

no nostalgia for the future

left, right, left, right

these boots are made for stompin’

all over public property

whose streets?

left, right

our streets

left, right

whose windows?

left, right

…their windows


with a feeling

of anti-reconciliation

i cannot meet

the two at once

my wingspan being finite


left, right, left, right

round and round the parade route

chasing your own tail is easy

when you don’t recognize it

as your own

why are you here?

I feel scared, I feel angry

why are you here?

I like an excuse to shut down traffic

why are you here?

The state has finally revealed itself, this is our chance!

why are you here?


oh, you’ve been here all along…

Where have I been?

you ask


worker me

Honey, I’m back home in the hive!

though I admit I have no gift

for the queen


I’ve been hunting for the reproductive organs

of mother earth with which to polenate

my worker-bee spirit


I tasted, selfishly, the sweet nectar of fire,

the syrup of silence, and

freedom’s flower


Returning to the hive was always my intention,

but I have to play tricks on history

and dance forward in time


And now I’m back in the land of the drones,

physically present, socially distant, feeling

the collective buzz


My wings tired, covered in the scum of experience,

I comb through dreams of embellishing my

honey nest and growing pollen of my own

right here, so that leaving is

not such a damned



Why was the heart, with its throbs, aches,

breaks, and other metaphorical palpitations,

the presumed locus of love?

I should think a more fitting personal analogy would

place my heart in my patella,

for they’ve experienced very similar levels

of abuse.

Or why not the brain,

which gets credit for all types of smarts

but not emotional intelligence?

Could love not also live in the lungs,

where expansion and contraction

and absorption of invisible life forces occur

as quickly as a fresh romance, and which

occasionally culminates in breathlessness?

Might love not motivate the legs, that so often reach forward

without explanation beyond their own expectations,

and yet will fail equally unpredictably and

send us crashing to the ground?

Does love dwell in the eyes, so commonly seeking

contact with a complimentary pair?

No? Yes?

Could our number of eyeballs

form the basis for monogamy?

All these could be…


by the heart, which,

sending and receiving with miraculous determination,

is both the question and the inquirer

on a life-long

journey to





Lo! The ground beneath is spent

But acquiring shit is still our bent

Decades digging for metaloid,

gas and crude have left a void

I refer not to holes in the earth

but to our need to label worth

we’ve a new commodity no less fake

called culture,

and unlike coal,

it doesn’t take

a million years to make

bar riff

doom’s delivered daily in the darkness

a lack of light loves lackadaisical lounging

we want the world and we want it sunny

we see the world’s local climate accentuating

or emboldening the political

the processes of pollution and plunder and pain

if our leaders can live in an imaginary world, why can’t we will

Vitamin D and dance parties into ours?


blood is a cheap excuse for drug use


make the moist of what you’ve not


the nostalgic smile of an old leathery white man

nearly brings me to tears

as he stares into his glass three

bar seats away

and it occurs to me

that I might be an emotional genius

but I’m probably

just exhausted


95 bitterness units

5% shy of infinity

not worthy of rounding up?

when 100 and 1 million mean the same thing

have we touched god?

we can perceive the number

but not what it symbolizes

am I in heaven?

post-camping directions to my future stressed-out self

stop dead in your acts

take pause

and ponder

what your heart lacks

switch tracks

follow the new road

remember but don’t lament the old

it’s over

but far from gone

NOW is the time for progressive regression

NOW is the time for retrograde pioneering

have yourself an escape

pull away

flip the tape

and take your all back to basically nothing

whence you were born


crawl inside a tree

lose yourself in a blade of grass

get high on high doses

of fresh air

and spritual clarity

dare yourself to share your health

with the dirt

the stream

and all manner of beings unseen

come back to the rhythms

come back to you

and whenever it seems true enough

inhale, lie back if you must

get lost in the galaxies and

return to stardust

mE = mc[scared]





i strain to hear it now

as I imagine it rang “then”

in the instantaneous cosmic blossoming

I have a hunch

that the Big Bang and I

have a few onomatopoeias in common


the little bang hiding in my chest

resonates throughout and informs the rest

of my carnal universe

oh, my sacred celestial body of water

a dancing, pedaling, eating, shitting star

just a collection of others’ dust

I am mature, and though hardly stable

I’m unlikely to explode tomorrow


My red giant ink pen orbits the page

in a predictable pseudo-ellipsis

an ancient mandate guides me through this my

constant expansion in space

while time laughs in the corner

and scribbling on steady and true

I fail to move any closer to the

edge of the



I know it’s all relative [and relatively] simple

as a poet the mass of my body of work

springs from its kinetic Energy

divided by the little c inside,

but when the solar stage is lit

and the moon strikes the hour

of my lyrical meteor shower,


I see nothing but the speed of light

and I choke on

my own gravity